NYC Parks Announces Wendy Klemperer As 2015 Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award Recipient

Shadow Migrations: Canine Shadow, 2016, hand cut plasma cut steel, ink, 50 X 96 X 3/16" photo: Joyce Klemperer

Shadow Migrations: Canine Shadow

NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program is proud to announce Wendy Klemperer as the 2015 recipient of the Clare Weiss Emerging Artist Award. Her work Shadow Migration is a site specific installation of 10 steel animals including deer, fox, bear, wolf and others.  The exhibition is on view in Court Square Park, Queens from November 7, 2015 through November 2016.  The $10,000 award is granted annually in memory of Clare Weiss, Parks’ Curator of Public Art from 2005 to 2009.

Shadow Migrations: Grazing Deer, hand cut plasma cut steel, ink, photo: Steven Speliotis

Shadow Migrations: Grazing Deer

Shadow Migration exhibits animal silhouettes cut from steel plates and installed throughout the park. Klemperer investigates animal populations that were threatened in the 20th century, but are now rebounding and showing up in “our backyard.” Wild animals are finding their way into suburban and urban environments as human populations sprawl into their natural habitats. While many species populations have been destroyed, some are adapting and thriving on the largesse of urban life. Hawks dive from high rise cornices to feast on the rich urban population of pigeons and rats; bears walk through New Jersey neighborhoods; and just several blocks from Court Square Park, a coyote found its way to a rooftop in Long Island City.

Shadow Migrations: Leaping Shadow Deer

Shadow Migrations: Leaping Shadow Deer

Klemperer’s animal silhouettes are shadows, essences of their worldly form that appear fleeting and at times fleeing. Migration is inherent to both humans and animals, as natural and manmade changes force movement to more hospitable regions. The steel forms are punctuated with cutouts in the shape of countries from around the world. Each animal is a melting pot, bearing countries on its body that are also represented in Queens’ population—the most diverse community in the world. The nations represented are a record of where that animal once thrived. Shadow Migration invites contemplation of nature in an urban setting and of the circumstances of natural diversity in a modern world.

View more images in the Outdoor Installations Gallery.

Fellowship Artist at Franconia Sculpture Park.

Predator/Prey Constellation

Predator/Prey Constellation, Photo: Maddie Butler

This summer I was very pleased to be invited as a  fellowship artist at Franconia Sculpture Park.

Animal Instincts: A Look at the Work of Wendy Klemperer

There is a new form framing the horizon here at Franconia. Where there used to be corn fields now stands Predator/Prey Constellation, Open Studio Fellowship Artist Wendy Klemperer’s most recent creation. Her largest work to date, the new sculpture is comprised of seven steel animal silhouettes (the artist cut them from steel plate by hand with a plasma cutter, and welded the giant frame) suspended by chains from a 25-foot, x-shaped support structure. On windy days the beasts sway and clink in the breeze, and when the sun is out they cast shadows across the ground. The images are derived from silhouettes of previous sculptures that come together here in a new iteration. The work, monumental and raw, is both in line with and unlike any of her past pieces. 

Constellation Carousel

Constellation Carousel

Bird of Prey, photo: Maddie Butler

Bird of Prey, photo: Maddie Butler

For more information, see the “Meet the Artists” section for Wendy Klemperer on the Franconia Sculpture Park website.

Bushwick Open Studios June 1-2, 2013

I’ll be participating in Bushwick Open Studios June 1st and 2nd, 12-7pm. I’ve invited artists Cindy Tower and Luisa Caldwell to exhibit work as well. Please come visit the studio indoors and outdoors, 12-7 Saturday and Sunday. The entrance is at 181 Varet St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

My Wildlife as an Animal opens Oct. 3rd

My Wildlife as an Animal, Oct. 2-13, curated by Ron Richter.

I’ll have several pieces in this group show

Opening Wednesday, Oct 3, 6-9 pm.

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Ctr, 107 Suffolk St, NY, NY

Exhibiting artists: Michael Ballou, Linda Griggs, Amy Hill, Julius Klein,Wendy Klemperer, Raken Leaves, Joe Heaps Nelson, Ron Richter, Lawrence Wells