Salvage What You Can, 2017

cut paper and projected light installation, dimensions variable

Salvage What You Can, 2017

Salvage What You Can, 2017. Cut paper and projected light installation, dimensions variable.

Studio10 Gallery, 56 Bogart
Brooklyn, NY.

Salvage What You Can, Wendy Klemperer’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Working in the alternating environments of the New England forest and a rough yard in Brooklyn, Klemperer makes sculptures using material collected from scrap yards and construction sites. Networks of steel lines create the forms of animals and imbed the surrounding physical space. In the dark, under strong light, the sculptures come alive, no longer terrestrial objects, but luminous creatures casting evocatively ambiguous shapes. Working at night led Klemperer to an exploration of shadow and the silhouette, stepping away from the solid and into the liminal.

Here fragile paper, echoing the heavy steel original, hangs and swings unpredictably. Raked with light, the shadows multiply, forms mutate and narratives continuously unfold in a liminal space. The silhouettes are delicate remnants, but loom large, suggestive of transformation, extinction and the evolution of new forms.